• Do you have a professional, knowledgeable staff?

    Our team is well versed in all facets of land management. Zoning, taxes, building codes, deed restrictions, and comparable properties are just the beginning. All your queries will be handled in a manner that lets you make the most educated decision on your land purchase.

  • Do you offer bank financing?

    Even if you don’t need financing, it is reassuring to know that a bank has appraised the property and approved 60% financing of the land value. All the Home Lands Holdings` properties come with this offering for financing. It is important to know if property`s legal documents make it eligible for a bank loan. Even if you don`t need a loan it adds weight to your title assurance.

  • Do you provide reasonable access to your properties?

    We adhere to all regulations of the Urban Development Authority, Every block sold by Home Lands Holdings provides access to town, county or private road.

  • Do you provide recent surveys of your land for sale?

    Our surveyors survey every property, ensuring that each individual block of land is marked accurately marked for your inspection. Survey plans are available for each property.

  • What type of land do you offer for sale?

    Take your pick from a great variety of Mountain top, waterfront, urban, sub-urban or rural properties that are suitable for residential, investment & commercial purposes. our expert Home Lands Land Consultants wlll take the time to understand your needs and offer you a solution that will help you realize your vision.

  • Is it a good time to invest in land?

    After several years of skyrocketing prices, a market correction was inevitable. However, even as some markets are cooling, others are quietly heating up. The secret is in knowing where to look.
    Buying affordable land may be your best bet for a solid, long-term investment. Right now is the time to get in on incredible deals, especially in areas that are being developed as well as those further into the interior.
    With a faster and higher rate of appreciation that ensures a solid return on investment (ROI), an investment in land will certainly yield greater results than any financial institution.